Press Release: Circa Group and Sanoosa Sign MoU to Focus on Cancer Molecule

Circa master logo PMSBiotechnology companies Circa Group Pty. Ltd. and Sanoosa Pty. Ltd. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to continue developing molecules showing early-stage promise in inhibiting protein-protein interactions, which play a key role in disease development.

Targeting such protein complexes directly allows for a more specific response and attacks early disease promoting events.

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Read the Latest BIOSKOH and RESYNTEX Newsletters

NewslettersSustainability Consult is currently the dissemination partner for two European projects, RESYNTEX and BIOSKOH. To raise awareness and understanding of the projects, we send out regular newsletters for both. Sign up to learn more about textile waste recycling and a flagship bioethanol plant.

We created the very first BIOSKOH newsletter in May 2017. Packed with information, the newsletter talks about the Kick Off Meeting and project launch, presentations at EFIB 2016 and World Bio Markets 2017, as well as listing of upcoming bioeconomy events. BIOSKOH will transform a brownfield site in eastern Slovakia into a cellulosic ethanol plant. To receive the next newsletter, subscribe here.

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