The Office Becomes P.E.T. FREE

SC Dopper PledgeThis 18 January 2017, we joined Dopper’s initiative to stop using single-use PET plastic bottles or cups in the office. Kathryn Sheridan, our CEO, signed a pledge to be a positive leader and the whole Sustainability Consult Team committed to using only reusable bottles, glasses and mugs. When getting our caffeine fix outside of the office, we’ll be sure to use our travel mugs and avoid wasteful disposable coffee cups.

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Press Release: AVALON Industries Takes Over All Bio-based Chemistry Activities From AVA-CO2

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AVALON Industries AG, the new entity of Swiss-based company AVA-CO2 Schweiz AG, is taking over all bio-based chemistry activities from AVA-CO2 with immediate effect. In order to fully focus on biochemistry, AVA-CO2 has also decided to sell its Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) technology to the globally active International Power Invest AG, a holding company investing in renewable energy projects. From now on, AVA-CO2 will act as a holding company.

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