Promoting Best-In-Class Technology - Sustainability Consult has worked with Reverdia since April 2014. Reverdia, a joint venture of DSM and Roquette, produces Biosuccinium® bio-succinic acid at its plant in Cassano, Italy using patented low pH yeast technology.

We provide full marketing communications, media and social media support to Reverdia. Highlights of the programme so far include Reverdia winning 'Bio-Based Chemical Partnership of the Year' at World Bio Markets and being ranked #1 for the Biofuels Digest HOT 40 in 2016. We have built a global profile for the company in the media and at high-level events such as Sustainable Brands, World Bio Markets and the BIO World Congress. We also manage the @Biosuccinium Twitter feed and the company’s LinkedIn page.

Two big announcements were distributed through the SC Newswire in 2017. Bonderalia Italia launched ECOBOND PKW, a natural and multifunctional emulsifier derived from organic pumpkin seed oil and Biosuccinium® S, a new grade registered under the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics Standard. It was also announced that Biosuccinium® was being used to produce bio-based materials for a new range of hiking boots from VAUDE. Both stories saw great pickup from stakeholders and press, boosting Reverdia’s visibility.

Reverdia has been featured on the cover of Chemical & Engineering News and in Chemistry World. Read 'Biobased Polymers Go Big' and 'Bio-based building blocks'. Reverdia’s President Marcel Lubben has also been interviewed for a number of media outlets including Bio-based World News.

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