Sustainability Consult Presents at Sixth International Fibre Recycling Symposium

SC at 6th Fibre SymposiumOn 7 June 2017, at the Sixth International Fibre Recycling Symposium hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), our Managing Director Richard Delahay presented the RESYNTEX circular economy project alongside MMU’s Dr David Tyler.

RESYNTEX-related research on the opportunities for textile waste collectors to transition to more circular value chains was also presented by the Prospex Institute and MMU PhD Researcher Sara Li-Chou Han.

Building on the previous five symposia, the event offers a platform for academics and textile manufacturers to explore the latest innovations and research findings in fibre recycling.

Of the 250 tonnes of controlled waste generated in the UK every year, around 10% is in plastic and/or fibrous form and could be reused or reprocessed. RESYNTEX aims to address this issue by creating secondary raw materials from textile waste, reducing the amount of valuable material which ends up in landfill.

The project has 20 partners from 10 different EU member states. As the RESYNTEX dissemination partner, Sustainability Consult manages all project communication activities.

At the end of the Symposium’s first day, Richard had the pleasure of being invited to meet the Lord Mayor of the City of Manchester.

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