Press Release: Circa Group and Sanoosa Sign MoU to Focus on Cancer Molecule

Circa LogoBiotechnology companies Circa Group Pty. Ltd. and Sanoosa Pty. Ltd. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to continue developing molecules showing early-stage promise in inhibiting protein-protein interactions, which play a key role in disease development.

Targeting such protein complexes directly allows for a more specific response and attacks early disease promoting events.

Circa and Sanoosa have been developing specific molecules for protein-protein interaction inhibition for three years. The MoU commits the companies to collaborate for a further year, allowing them to build on existing research.

Dr. Warwick Raverty, Chief Scientist at Circa Group, said, “This MoU has been agreed due to recent promising signs of the molecule’s performance against this specific target protein, using Sanoosa’s advanced modelling processes and in lab trials.”

Dr. Herbert Treutlein and Dr. Wolfgang Kissel, Co-Founders and Directors at Sanoosa, said, “By signing this MoU, we will continue Sanoosa’s strategy of working on difficult-to-drug targets, using both our accelerated computational molecule discovery and design capabilities.”

About Circa
Established in 2006, Australian company Circa Group converts waste biomass into advanced bio-based chemicals with its proprietary Furacell™ process. Circa’s broad product portfolio includes biosolvents, flavours and biopolymers, including Cyrene®, an alternative to traditional polar aprotic solvents. Cyrene® is created through the conversion of highly-flexible platform chemical Levoglucosenone, which is also manufactured by Circa. Industrial quantities of Levoglucosenone are available for the first time thanks to Circa’s Furacell™ process and it has many industrial applications, including pharmaceutical, agrichemical, food and cleantech. Circa has partnered with pulp and paper company Norske Skog to build prototype plant FC5, which will test Circa’s Furacell™ technology to produce biosolvent Cyrene®. By creating renewable chemicals from cellulose, Circa is extracting value from waste biomass and addressing a gap in the market by providing bio-based, non-toxic alternatives.

About Sanoosa
Sanoosa Pty. Ltd. is a computational biotechnology company based in Melbourne, Australia. Sanoosa has developed a computational platform to discover and design novel molecules for difficult-to-drug disease targets. Its technology allows Sanoosa to inhibit protein-protein interactions and to discover and design molecules which bind to protein surfaces. Sanoosa’s approach accelerates and simplifies the discovery and design process significantly. With its high speed and low-cost process, Sanoosa’s technology enables pharmaceutical companies to discover and design novel compounds in an assembly-line style. Sanoosa also uses its platform for its own projects to discover and design protein-protein interaction inhibitors for unmet medical needs.

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