#WhatBrandsWant Report Launch!

Facebook 820x312We are very excited to share with you the results of our industry survey Brand Perspectives on Biomaterials. The full report shines a light on the key factors shaping the brand-biomaterials relationship. We hope the findings help you and our wider community to better understand #WhatBrandsWant.

Since 2011, Sustainability Consult has worked with companies invested in the bioeconomy to promote the responsible development of the industry. We often hear the same question: how can brands be encouraged to invest in renewable materials?

To find out how best to engage brands on the Bio Revolution, we decided to measure awareness and understanding of the biomaterials sector amongst leading companies.

Whether you responded or shared the survey, we would like to thank you for your support. Do get in touch if you’d like a deep dive into the data and want to learn more about #WhatBrandsWant.

Happy reading!


Brand Perspectives
On Biomaterials


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