Noémie Léonard – Consultant

Noémie Léonard developed a passion for words and syntax during her Linguistics and Literary Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Her understanding of language means you can count on Noémie for clear, fluid writing.

Originally from Belgium, Noémie took a gap year in Australia before coming back to Brussels for her undergraduate degree. She spent six months studying in the UK on the Erasmus programme. While abroad, Noémie wrote a blog, capturing life’s quirky moments on camera and recounting her adventures in Devon and Down Under. This online experience and her interest in visual arts and photography support her work as a content creator for social media platforms.

Since she began working at Sustainability Consult, Noémie has used her creativity to develop eye-caching communications campaigns, become skilled at stakeholder mapping and managed social media accounts for both Sustainability Consult and its clients.

Noémie lives the life of a green, modern-day Brusseleir. She is a vegetarian, eats organic food and generally tries to live a sustainable lifestyle. She has more than one string to her bow, with interests ranging from the environment and green living to baking and literature. When she is not in the office, you will most probably find Noémie teaching contemporary dance.

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Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish


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