Bárbara Mendes-Jorge – Senior Consultant

A background in psychology doesn’t mean Bárbara can read your mind, but it helps her think like a scientist. Skilled at finding out what works, in what way and for whom, Bárbara is a safe pair of hands when it comes to your sustainability communications.

At Sustainability Consult, Bárbara works with clients to make sure they communicate their messages credibly and effectively through a range of communications tools. She also leads the Sustainability Consult social media training programme.

Having previously worked in corporate responsibility for the European Investment Bank (EIB), Bárbara is aware of the challenges businesses face in monitoring and communicating sustainability. She previously worked at environmental news site Carbon Brief and E3G, an environmental think tank.

A third culture kid, Bárbara is technically Portuguese but grew up in the UK and Luxembourg before settling in Belgium. Her roots definitely help when navigating multilingual, multicultural Brussels. Outside of work, Bárbara listens to a lot of music and podcasts and has very strong opinions on what makes a good TV show. She is also trying to sample as many different types of Belgian beer as possible.

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Languages: English, Portuguese, French, German

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