Credibility Audit

Credibility Audit

Credibility has always been our guiding principle. After ten years doing credible communications for our clients, we wanted to step up our impact and bring something new to the market.

So in January 2019, we launched our Credibility Audit, a unique process to measure credibility. The Credibility Audit looks at the company behind the claims as well as the claims themselves.

It is a stress test to expose vulnerabilities in a company's reputation and also to highlight what's going well.

We provide a score and a report with in-depth recommendations on how to handle your credibility challenges.

For more, see the Credibility Audit Q&A or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"Kathryn has a firm grasp on the bigger picture, which makes her bipartisan counsel and execution quite a bit more valuable than the average soul in the strategic communications world. She knows how to build bridges between often very different stakeholders with very hardened agendas and constraints. It also helps that she's pan-European and pan-American -- and that she's got a journalist's grasp of facts and figures and the public's attention span."

Stephan Herrera, VP, Strategy & Public Affairs, Evolva

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